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Monday, February 19, 2007

Good morning! I just wanted to post that I have some new items on my web shoppe. I've designed an adorable fabric sheep that is covered with real raw sheeps wool....he is curly, soft and oh so prim! He is laying down and has a black face with his little black ears poking out from his wool...and around his neck is a rusty jingle bell on a jute string. Wouldn't he look fantastic tucked in among your primitives on a cupboard or windowsill?

I also have a new line of treenware including a great primitive bowl that would be perfect for displaying your fruit or needfuls. I also have brought in some Spring berry items such as wreaths and candle rings. These products were brought in thanks to a suggestion from one of my customers.....I do listen, so if there is something you are looking for or would like to see added to my site, just let me know!

I will also be heading to Lancaster County, PA, to stock up again, so if you do have any suggestions, please let me know within a week or so because I'm hoping to be there the first week or so of March.

I am also proud to be a consultant for Affordable Mineral Makeup. This make up is made from the Earth's minerals....it is pure and good for your skin....no fillers or additives in this stuff! I absolutely love it, and have used Mineral Makeup for about 2 years now. I started with the brand that you see on QVC and the infomercials....you know, that big name brand out there? Well, it's pretty pricey, and if you want to order an eyeshadow, a blush, a lip gloss, you have to pay shipping on EACH item! Yikes, that's like an extra $15 for shipping alone! Not here ladies, your ENTIRE order, no matter how much it costs or how many you buy will only every be $5! Yep, only 5 bucks...I think that's great, and you are getting an amazing product that is high quality and is all natural! This is perfect for your daughters who would like to experiment with makeup because it is good for their changing skin, you can't make mistakes, it is natural looking so they won't look "made" up, AND IT'S FUN! Take a moment to check it out and as always, if you have any questions, just email me at maryjo@finecountrylivingprimitives.com!

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I'm off to do some sewing and going to an estate auction tonight with my girlfriend up the road, so wish me look on finding some treasures!

Mary Jo

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