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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Earth Day....

With Earth Day on everyone's minds, now is a great time to mention how I package my items for shipping.

I ship via Priority Mail through the USPS because the boxes are free of charge. But, occasionally, you may receive a previously used box from that I received a shipment in from a wholesaler or even QVC! LOL! I try to reuse items as much as I can!

Even the packaging material inside the box may surprise you.....it may be a newspaper from our County or shredded papers.....those are ways that I try to recycle, and it also keeps my costs down and I don't have to charge high handling fees like other retailers may have.

I may not save a whole tree, but a few branches are a start, right? Hope you don't mind getting these recycled packing materials, but just think of how every little bit helps.

We have also started replacing our regular light bulbs as they burn out with the new energy saving bulbs that last 7 years and use less electricity.

We've been consciously watching how much we drive and try not to have to run out every few days for groceries or necessities. It's amazing how much we save by doing this! What we've been doing is stocking up each week at the grocery store and making a monthly trip to the big warehouse.......then we only need to grab some milk from our little convenience store over town maybe by midweek!

Also, my husband has been carpooling to work for two years now. Neighbors up the road used to wave to him as they drove by on their way to work and he was pulling out of our driveway going to the same factory! One day it dawned on them that carpooling is ideal.....hubby kicks in gas money each week and they pick him up! This saves excess miles on our vehicle, saves them gas money because of his contribution, and everyone's a winner! Plus, we've become great friends and that was the biggest reward of all! (love ya Bambi!)

So, it's a start....we all have to do our part and Russ and I are researching other ways we can save energy. We've already replaced our "replacement" windows from over 100 years ago (I'd hate to see how bad the ORIGINAL windows were! LOL), and I think that new insulation will be our next endeavor.

Oh, and I'm also going to try to start using cloth tote bags for groceries instead of those nasty plastic bags that always rip apart anyway! LOL!

Be kind to Mother Earth so she'll return the favor!

Mary Jo

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