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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New items just in, old favorites restocked!

I had a wonderful trip yesterday and not only restocked our old favorites, but brought in some new items as well!

Bambi and I left Springville at 6:30 a.m. Our first stop (after Burger King Breakfast in the drivethru of course!) was at Ken's Gardens. It is a great nursery on Route 772 just before you get to Kitchen Kettle Village in Intercourse. Honestly, if you love perennials or any kind of plants and seeds, this is a the place for you! They have great quality plants and I could spend hours there. They didn't have the Sweet Annie that I was looking for, so we reluctanly left (too cold for us to plant here in Springville) and went to the wholesalers. I picked up some great primitive needfuls, and the quickest way to find out what they are is to go to my webshoppe http://www.finecountrylivingprimitives.com and go to the "What's New" category.

My most favorite new item came via UPS yesterday while I was gone and it is my Primitive Spiced Tart Loaf. It is made of 100% premium soy and organic beeswax and the burn time is up to 600 hours per loaf! Yes, that many hours for this one loaf that is only $9.99! They are rubbed with spices and some have embeds and dried flowers/herbs on top. They come to you wrapped in a cello bag tied with homespun for freshness and they are so pretty, you can even just set them out for display! Wouldn't these make wonderful Mother's Day gifts? Please check them out, you will not be disappointed! Oh, and the scents are just delicous! Blueberry Flapjacks (yum), Cinnamon Buns (yummier), and Pumpkin Cheesecake (yummiest!). Now I am hungry!

It was warm down there and I am glad that I wore my sandles and capris. The Amish women were barefoot and many worked in their vegetable gardens. The men were plowing in the fields with their teams of horses and we smelled a lot of manure since they were fertilizing the fields. Being a country girl, that smells sweet to me! LOL! The kids were out on their swing sets and I spied a few toddlers trying to help out around outdoors. What a wonderful feeling seeing all this after such a long winter. I can't wait to go back! I couldn't believe that even though we are only 3 hours north, their flowers such as tulips are done and the blossums were out on the fruit trees....what an awesome site! I really need to move there! ;-)

Anyhow, back to reality. So, Bambi and I just had to eat at Dienners on Route 30 while we were there! It is the most incredible buffet you have ever seen....nothing fancy here, just good ol' Dutch style food like my Mom used to make! Roasted chicken, stuffing, harvard beets, chow chow, it goes on and on!

We went to another wholesaler and picked up more great items. The find of the day was the Beehive Tall Tote and accessories to match. I just love them and they are very affordable.

We finished up our "work" shopping and went to Eldreth Pottery in Strasburg. If you get a chance, Google it and check it out. I used to only collect their blue stoneware, but now I just can't get enough of the redware. I was a good girl yesterday and did not give into temptation and buy anything...but, Bambi purchased a beautiful redware plate! I can't wait to see it in her dining room. When hubby and I go with the kids next month, I am going to buy a plate myself. I saw one that was redware with black paint/glaze with a design on it that reminded me of hex signs. Should've picked it up while it was there, probably will be sold before I can get back :(

Anyhow, we had a long ride home thanks to going 20 mph behind a big truck hauling bagged mulch. But we eventually made it home by 9:30 and I am doggone tired! I worked all day today getting everything on my webshoppe and hope you all stop by to check it out!

Have a blessed evening!

Mary Jo

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