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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

New Postal Regulations and Increases

Well, the post office has dramatically changed how Priority shipping will be shipped and charged.I will try to use one of my products as an example.

If you buy a peg rack (it's long and narrow), I will be able to ship that with the Priority Shipping boxes no problem and with no additional surcharge other than the regular postage due.

BUT, what if you want to buy a peg rack AND a treenware trencher? Well, I would then have to mail your order in a regular brown box. GUESS WHAT? I will now have to measure the entire dimensions of the box and it is possible this will be an additional cost because it will not be shipped in a Priority Mail box. Also, if I tape two Priority Mail boxes together, it is considered "altered" and an additional charge may apply.

My wonderful Postmaster in town ran a "test" on one of my packages last week. This is what he found.....It was in a brown box and was sent to the west coast from here in Pennsylvania. Last week it cost approx. $9 for me to ship via Priority Mail. After May 14, it will cost $16!!!!!!!! That is HUGE!!!! I just cannot afford that, and also, I don't think you would be willing to pay that postage, am I right?Since my online shipping calculators can only calculate by weight and not by dimensions, I decided to also add The Brown Truck, UPS, as a shipping option. I'm new to them, so bear with me! LOL!!!

Here is my dilemna....you may still choose USPS Priority Mail and pay for your order. If the USPS charges me additional postage, that comes out of my profits. I could always raise my product prices, but I HATE doing that......and I won't because I only raise product prices if my wholesale prices increase.So, what may happen is if it is cheaper for me to ship via UPS, I will do that....even if you chose Priority Mail. I hope that is okay, but I don't know what other choices I have at this point.

I hope I don't sound like I'm complaining, but I know that I do! LOL! But these changes make it hard on us "little guys" in the retail world. I certainly hope that you all understand and bear with me during this time.

Of course, I will keep adjusting whatever I can to save my customers as much money as possible. Wish me luck!

Blessings,Mary Jo

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