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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Paypal Spam and Scams

I love Paypal. I think it was the greatest invention since sliced bread. The problem? You always get these funky emails asking you to update your info, your account has been suspended, and so on.

After hearing from a customer this week that her account was frozen, I thought I'd share a few tips.

First of all, NEVER click on a link within an email that asks you to update your profile or change information. Paypal will never ask you to do this....they will tell you to go to Paypal.com and log in there securely.

Also, usually SPOOF or fake emails won't have your name...they will just say Dear Member, or use your ebay id or email address. Paypal will only address you with your full name.

When in doubt, check it out! Email any Paypal email that looks suspicious to spoof@paypal.com. They will send you an email back (they're pretty fast) and let you know if it's legit. Need to know NOW? Go to Paypal.com and get their phone number and call them....don't be afraid to speak to a human!

With ebay emails that are questionable, do the same thing, but send to spoof@ebay.com or go to ebay.com and use Live Chat. Better yet, log into your MyEbay and check your messages. If it is from ebay, it will be there as well!

Hope this helps you all out! Paypal is still the safest way to pay online, just be ready for those crooks and don't be discouraged....the pros outway the cons!

Mary Jo

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