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Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Years ago when my husband, Russ, and I fell in love with the primitive country decor, one of our very first purchases was a wooden sign that said "Simplify". We hung that sign up in our home and decided that it would be our family motto.

We both grew up in rural Pennsylvania. Even though Russ had moved around quite a lot when he was growing up, his favorite place to live during his childhood was in Bradford County, PA. He then joined the Navy, and of course, moved around yet again. He was able to settle down in Haverford West, Wales, where he lived for four years.

Russ always talks about how simple life is in Wales. He said everyone moves at a slower pace. No one rushes about to and fro, zipping in and out of parking lots and always trying to get in front of the next car as we do here in America. He talks of the pubs where people gather for social visits, where no matter how rich or poor, or what social rank you were, everyone was on equal ground and shared stories and fellowship.

Russ then moved on to New Jersey for many years after leaving the service. He moved to the Point Pleasant area where, of course, all the tourists flock to the shore each summer. There he says he's wasted several years probably of accumulated hours sitting on the Parkway in bumper to bumper traffic. I've been there to visit, and it is so beautiful and great for a vacation, but I don't think I could live there either! :-) We may complain at times that the nearest mall or store is 30 minutes away, but at least that's driving time and not sitting in traffic time.

Russ decided that the cost of living and the fast pace life was no longer to be a part of his life, so he moved back "home" to Northeastern Pennsylvania. I'm ever so grateful that he did since it was when he moved back that he came into my life! (love you hon!)

As for me, I have always been a country girl and have never lived more than a 20 minute drive from my childhood home. Even yesterday, I took my boys shopping in our nearest city, Scranton, for the day and it was ever so good to be back home! As I drove the back way home (I hate the highway), I took in all the blossoming trees and forsythia bushes that dotted the landscape and what a joyful feeling it was knowing that I lived here my whole life. Even my boys, ages 3 & 4, can't wait to get back home. In fact, one time when we were in Lancaster for vacation, I told a merchant that my boys can't wait to get back home. She gave me the greatest compliment I have ever received...she said that my family must have a loving home if my boys can't wait to return there. I'll never forget that for as long as I live.

We try to live simply, we both have cars out of necessity, but they are always used, economical and very practical(yes, I have a minivan and love it!). I have a cell phone for the first time (other than those pay as you go ones) only because I am on the road now so much more with my boys and need it in case of an emergency. I have the internet, but that is my job after all! Other than that, no frills here! We don't go out much and prefer to stay at home. I've always believed that if you create a home and a lifestyle that you love, you will never want to leave. And that's precisely how we are. There are weeks that go by when the only time I leave the house is to walk to the post office or go to the grocery store ONCE. LOL!! But that will change soon enough when the boys start school, and you all know that I will then turn into a taxi mom!

But that's our life in a nutshell. Russ and I have rocking chairs on our wrap around porch and sit and visit while watching the boys play. We talk of turning our one barn into living quarters so that we can have the main house as a Bed and Breakfast. We say that someday maybe our boys will want to stay on here and raise their families on this property and we could sit in these very rocking chairs and watch our grandchildren play, God willing.

What a happy and simple life we lead, may it never change!

Mary Jo

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