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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The small things in life....

Have you ever had a simple experience in life that you will never forget? This is what happened to us last night at my sister's house.

We had just been visiting my sister Terri, and her husband, Mark, and were getting ready to leave. We need to walk through their garage to exit the house, and I heard a buzzing sound and a tapping. To my surprise, there was a hummingbird that was trapped in the garage trying to escape through the closed window. My brother-in-law said that it had been in the garage for a 5 days and he couldn't get it out....he even left both garage doors open for those 5 days and it just couldn't find it's way home.

My husband is always wonderful with animals and is always (to my dismay) saving snakes (yuck) and such in our yard from meeting their demise. Without a word, he climbs through their garage and gently approaches the hummingbird that is weak and weary from his little ordeal...no food or water for days! He literally scooped the hummingbird into his hand and carried it to us so we can all see it up close. Our two little boys ages 3 and 4 were amazed to see a hummingbird peacefully resting in Daddy's large, loving hands. And just as peacefully, the hummingbird then flew slowly away, hopefully able to find it's family and a good meal!

This is one of those precious moments in life that I will never forget. I jokingly called him "The Bird Whisperer", and he just chuckled. That is how my husband approaches everything in life....slow and steady, without apprehension or even a second thought....and is always there for those in need, even our Friends in nature.

Sometimes the smallest things in life bring us such peace and satisfaction!

Have a wonderful evening, and blessings to you all!

Mary Jo

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Prairie Girl Boutique said...

So true!!! It's the small things in life that we should treasure the most!
I LOVE your blog, and will be adding it in my favorites on my blog! :)