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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Old Fruit Jars have so many uses!

I love to collect fruit jars. More commonly, they are called Mason or Ball jars because they were the most popular brand of jars made. I have over 70 on display in my home without a single duplicate! I bet you didn't know there were THOUSANDS of varieties!

Many of us have many of these jars in basements or buy them at flea markets and yard sales by the box. They have so many uses! Everyone knows that you can store anything in them. Of course, be sure to clean them well! I've even run them through the dishwasher to get them squeaky clean!

I like making potpourri, so I store my spices in them. The star anise, cinnamon, clove and cinnamon stix look great displayed this way and they are kept nice and fresh! We've been lucky enough to find many old marbles in the dirt surrounding our home, so we always drop them in one of my favorite jars and we have quite a collection started.

I also love to make lamps out of them. There are many places to find the mason jar adapters where you get the "lid" for the jar with a socket attached...all you need to do is add a bulb and a shade and you are set! I love chickens and roosters, so I took one of my half gallon jars and filled it with some raffia to look like hay or straw and added a few wooden eggs. I topped it off with a whimsy rooster shade and I have a one of a kind light!

I also like to fill the jars with strips of homespun, rag balls and even have one lamp filled with my Grandma Rosie's button collection....what a wonderful way to think of my Grandmother each and every day!

I hope that you enjoyed some of these ideas, and there are many more. Feel free to add your ideas by clicking on the COMMENT below or email me at maryjo@finecountrylivingprimitives.com! I'd love to hear from you!

Mary Jo

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Neenee said...

Great ideas for the jars Mary Jo!! I've also made lamps with them - lots of fun ideas!