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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Prim Talk Radio Segment ~auctions~

Hi everyone! I did a segment on PrimTalkRadio.com about auctions for July 13th's show. I was sooooooo nervous and probably went too fast! LOL! Here are some of the highlights if you missed it because of my rambling! :-)

~ Look for auctions in your area by visiting www.auctionzip.com. Simply search by zip code and it will find one near you! Also, check the classified section of your local newspaper or flyer.

~ Watch dealers at auctions. If they bid on an item, they usually only go up to about 50% of the retail value. For instance, a table retailing in a shoppe for $100 may go for about $50. This is a great way of learning about antiques!

~ Here's a tip that wasn't in my segment: get to know the dealers! I know one that will only bid on glassware that is good, I mean REALLY GOOD! If she's bidding on it, it's worth something and I watch and learn!!

~ Keep your ears open, listen to what the people around you are saying about the items. Do they think it's a reproduction, and why? Is it damaged? Can it be repaired? This is also how you learn!

~ Attend the previews. This is where you get to really look over the items. If it is a few days prior to the auction, you have time to research it on the internet, so take notes! You may find your retirement plan! LOL!

~ Until you are used to bidding, use your number to bid and don't be shy! Wave it high and get noticed when you are bidding. Pay close attention when not bidding in case the auctioneer mistakes your waving at your friend as a bid!

~ Remember, if you let the bidding price fall too low, many times everyone decides to get in on the bidding because it's so cheap. If you really want an item and can't live without it, bid on it at or near your highest bid! Once people taste competition, they will keep bidding just to win even if they don't want the item....strange, but true!

~ When you win an item, load it into your vehicle. It's a fact, sometimes people will walk off with YOUR item, either by mistake or on purpose, so just be safe!

~ Watch shows like Cash in the Attic on BBC or here in the US to get the feel of auctions before you attend one in person!

~ Have fun, save money, make lifelong friendships.....doesn't get any better than that!

To listen to my segment and the entire show, visit www.primtalkradio.com. I guarantee you will love it!

Mary Jo

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