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Friday, August 10, 2007

The Keeping Room

Last week I saw my neighbor up the hill sitting out on her porch and I thought that it was time for a visit since I hadn't seen her all summer.

As we began discussing what we have been up to, we got onto the subject of remodeling and I had casually mentioned our Keeping Room. "Keeping Room??? What the heck is a Keeping Room?" she asked, and I found myself sharing a bit of Colonial History with her and I thought I would share it with our readers as well in case you have never heard of it.

In Colonial times, many homes had very few rooms, in fact, many only had one and it was called the Keeping Room. These rooms were a combination of a kitchen and sitting room and always contained a fireplace, or the hearth, to cook in.

During the cold New England winters, many times the adults, small children and babies would sleep in the Keeping Room, always staying close to the fire to keep warm while the older children would then sleep in the attic above the Keeping Room. Heat rises and this would be a warm area as well.

Keeping Rooms are gaining popularity now in newly constructed homes and many home plans are now calling the old "Family Room" the new "Keeping Room" since new home owners wish to have the kitchen and living spaces open and free flowing so that the entire family can be together during meal preparation. I wonder how Colonial Americans would feel about having a flat screen plasma TV in their Keeping Rooms?

We personally have a TV free Keeping Room just a step down from our kitchen. Our fireplace maybe a propane gas version, but it still looks pretty when I am cooking dinner for my family and feels warm and cozy in the wintertime!

Keeping Rooms are a wonderful place to gather and spend some much needed simple and quiet time together as a family. Whether you call it a family room, a den or a keeping room, just be sure to always enjoy your time together as a family and create wonderful memories there!

Mary Jo

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Neenee said...

MaryJo - I enjoyed your article very much about the Keeping Room - had no idea what that was. Heard of it of course.

Just wanted to let you know you have been 'tagged'.

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