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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Two New Handcrafted Dolls added

Hello everyone! I've been busy the last few days and wanted to let you all know that I have two new handcrafted dolls added to FineCountryLivingPrimitives.com.

The first one is Miss Annie Crow. She is a primitive raggedy annie that measures a large 26" tall and holds her friend, the crow, on a stick....very prim indeed! This version is a little grubbier, a little more prim for all you prim annie lovers!

I've also created a beautiful Colonial doll named Sadie. She is a petite dolly measuring 16" tall. She has poseable arms and legs and her face was drawn free-hand using watercolor pencils...no pattern here! She is truly a One of A Kind piece and will never be duplicated! Her dress is an antique handmade doll dress from the 1800's that was found in a doll trunk on a local farm just up the road from my home. Her hair is made from Suni Alpaca fiber....the hair from an Alpaca is soft as silk and she looks so lovely with it as her hair!

I hope you will stop by and see these treasures soon since my dolls never seem to last very long, I'd hate for you not to be able to take a peek!

Enjoy and Blessings to you all!

Mary Jo

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