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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Our new shoppe, updated photo!

Here is an updated picture of the outside of our shoppe. Russ finished the porch roof yesterday and it's decorated for Fall using our own pumpkin and gourd crop! My favorite rocking chair is there, and I can sit and relax and watch the boys play in the yard.

The next picture shows the the entire shoppe. All that is left on the outside is signage and gravel for our parking area and driveway! Plus, when we open, we plan on having seating areas so you can sit and relax too! Don't forget, primitive decorating isn't just for the inside, so we also plan to have some outside primitive decor available for sale and displayed on the porch as well!

I will be taking pictures of the inside before we start renovating so that I can share the before and after pictures of the inside as well...so stay tuned!

Mary Jo

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