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Sunday, September 23, 2007

A special Thank You to my husband.

I thought that this Thank You deserved it's own special post.

My husband Russ, has been an inspiration to me since I first met him 9 years ago. We worked together for nearly two years before we started dating, and that allowed me to get to know him very well, and right from the beginning, I knew he was someone special.

This dream of ours, to open a retail store, has been with us from day one. We always knew we wanted to do this together, it was just a matter of where and when.

When we purchased our home here in Springville, PA, four years ago, we knew this was the place for our family and our future.

I want to thank Russ for his un-stoppable determination to make this dream into a reality. Russ works a very hard job, a 12-hour swingshift of nights and days in a factory is not an easy career to have. Each day that he has had off from work for the past several months has been dedicated either to working on our shoppe or caring for our two young boys so that I could create handcrafted items to sell online, to make trips to the wholesaler to find new items, and given me the time to push our business forward.

I thank him for the un-stoppable determination because, when someone tells us we can't do something (and they do try!), he becomes more determined than ever. When others call our business a "pipe dream" he politely smiles, because he knows, deep down, that if you want something bad enough, it can be possible. He is making this possible for us and our family, and I cannot thank him enough.

As you all can tell, I love Russ very much. He is everything I could have ever hoped for...strong willed, confident, intelligent, and a caring and loving father and husband. Thank you Russ, for doing all that you do for me and the boys and thank you for making this wonderful dream come true!

Mary Jo

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