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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The "New" Neutrals

Everyone knows that tan, browns, white and black are neutral colors. And there is also a big trend with sage green as being a neutral.

In the world of primitives, mustard yellow, navy blue, greens and even some shades of red, are the new neutrals.

Mustard yellow can be incorporated into any decor by either adding a touch of color by spreading it throughout the room, therefore making it an instant neutral at the same time. I've added mustard yellow to my Keeping Room which has bright red walls, and it works wonderfully!

Navy blue can also be a great neutral when added to a room. I've just made a long prairie bonnet out of navy blue checked homespun, and I just love how it can look good hanging on my tall black cupboard in my one sitting room and it even looks great on my pegrack in my Keeping Room with it's bright red walls and those touches of mustard yellow throughout the room.

Of course black is a neutral color, but black can also add drama and also allow your eye to move about the room. I once saw a segment on one of these home decorating shows how they used black to add punch to a room. They showed a "before" picture, and I remember how, just by adding a black lampshade, a few black throw pillows, black and white photographs and black framed family photos, it transformed the entire room. I personally use black as my major accent color all throughout my home and love the results. Don't forget everyone, that black also comes in many different shades and hues...some with a green undertone and others with browns, and it can blend in perfectly with any decor.

I guess that the point I'm trying to make is if you see something that you just absolutely love, but are turned off because of the color, re-think it. Maybe that mustard colored lampshade or blue bonnet would be just that "touch" that you need! If you are thinking of redecorating totally, don't be afraid to use mustard yellow or navy blues to be your base color and work off of that as your neutral....be creative and buy what you love because it speaks to you!

Blessings to all,
Mary Jo

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