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Friday, November 30, 2007

We love old barns in this house!

My husband, Russ, loves old barns. In fact, he would love to turn our other old barn, the one that is original to when the house was built back in 1827, into a house.....hmm...is he trying to tell me he'd rather move out there? Let's not go there! LOL!

Anyhow, he was surfing websites about old barns and loved this poem and wanted to share it on my blog. We hope you enjoy it as we have!

That Weathered Old Barn

The weathered old barn that stands in the field
Is just a remnant of days long past
Gives me memories made in other times
But the memories linger and last

The hayloft was spacious and dusty
The loft door let in the sun
But the ladder that took us to it
Was the ladder to so much fun

Many days spent in the hayloft
Pretending was just a game
My sister and I loved singing
As we watched out the door at the rain

We could sing as loud as we wanted
The cows never minded at all
We watch as the neighbor sat milking
As the shadows fell on the walls

Oh, the smell of fresh hay in the loft
And the sounds of the animals there
As we sat and we sang in that old barn
Memories of today were made there.

That weathered old barn, no longer needed
It just stands, leaning into the wind
But the things that it sheltered and cared for
Are my memories of what it was then.

By: Jene' Lind

Mary Jo

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