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Friday, November 30, 2007

We're making progress!

As you all know, Russ and I are converting one of our barns into a primitive shoppe in the old country mercantile style and doing all the work ourselves. Well, let me rephrase that, he's doing the work, I'm supervising. :-) Hey, I give credit where credit is due! LOL!

Anyhow, it's coming along better than we expected and the downstairs is nearly complete. Our heat should be hooked up next weekend (thanks to my brother in law, Tom!) and then we can paint the walls. I'm sewing up the curtains hopefully this week, then the downstairs is complete! We plan on opening in January, so at least the downstairs will be available for shopping while we finish on the upstairs. But that is even moving along fast as well!

We are so excited, our sign will be completed before the first of the year and everything seems to be falling into place.

It has such an old fashioned, small town, country-mercantile feel to it, and I just cannot wait to start setting up our display pieces, our furniture and all of our products. Russ custom built a HUGE counter and made the countertop out of reclaimed barn floors (from our own barn!) and it is so big, we could dance on it when we need to unwind a little! We all need that now and again, am I right?

So, that's all for now on the shoppe. I've had soooooooo many people from the East coast contact me and tell me how they are somehow connected to the Springville area....who knew, right? The world sure is a small place, and I am thrilled to hear from each and every one of you. I hope that those who have contacted me, and all of you, get a chance to stop in when we are open, you are always welcome here!

I'll keep you updated, now, back to do some online shopping for my little boys while they are upstairs sleeping. Shhhhhhhh.....Santa's at work!

Blessings to all,
Mary Jo

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