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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Bonnets and Aprons are so Popular!

Since I started making these for my website, they have literally been flying off the peg racks and I find it hard to keep up with demand!

Here is a picture of one of my aprons, two bonnets, and some other primitives hung on my pegrack in my very own kitchen just as you come in the door from my front porch. Doesn't it make a primitive statement? Not only that, it is something different in the kitchen than your typical kitchen decor, I just love that!


These bonnets are for decoration, but I've tried them on and they can be worn and fit me quite nicely! They are long too, and fall to about the middle of my back. I make these in a variety of colored calicos and heavily stain them to give them a time-worn and aged appearance. They feature two sets of ties, one that goes around the back and one set that hangs along the sides. The brim of these hats are topstitched for great detailing and can be left straight or, as I have done, folded up and hung on the pegrack.

One thing I want to stress with primitives such as these, and in fact, all primitives.....don't get hung up on the colors! If you see one in green, but you primarily decorate in blues or neutrals, add a green one for variety or a bit of color! Remember, prairie women and Colonial women used what they had on hand or left over, so they had a variety of scrap fabrics or remnants and that means even they had a variety of colored objects around the house. It would be too boring if you just had all blue items, or all black, so don't be afraid to mix and match your pieces and collections!

The aprons have also been very popular. These are the long aprons that you would see women working around the house in. They tie at the waist and go nearly all the way to the floor to protect their skirts while they were doing chores. I just love these hung on a pegrack next to my long john basket, some tallow candles and my bonnets! I usually add a pocket and try to make each one different....one apron may have a pocket full of clothespins, others may have a pocket with Sweet Annie or a candle. I heavily stain these as well and love how primitive and unique they are!

Thanks to Primfolks for the design of these items, and I truly enjoy making them because they are not only fun, but take me back to a more simple time in our country's history. I hope that you enjoy them as well!

Mary Jo

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