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Friday, December 7, 2007

What a wonderful year this has been.....

I know it's a little early yet to begin reflecting on the year past, but it seems like this has been on my mind the last few days, so I thought I would just jot things down while I'm thinking of them.

Remember that old cigarette ad from the 70's....We've come a long way baby! Well, we sure have! Our online shop has grown more than I could have ever dreamed, and now here we are getting ready to open a brick and mortar store. I have all of my great customers to thank for this.

I have made so many friends this year through my online business and what a joy that has been. I am still amazed at how many of you have connections to my little corner of the world! Two dear friends in particular are Pam and Laura, and I'd like to thank you both especially for not only your continued patronage, but your support and friendship as well! Both of you have cheered me on and given me great ideas, you have both shared your own lives with me and some laughs as well! Thank you both so much!

I have also made another friend all the way over in Italy! Ylenia is such a joy to speak with, although our emails have really quirky translations sometimes! LOL! In the end, we always seem to understand each other and have shared many happy emails this year, and I thank you so much for your friendship as well!

Speaking of international customers, here are the countries I've shipped to this year: France, Belgium, Germany, Australia, Canada, Japan, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and of course to Italy! The love of primitives and time-worn items has spread all over the globe, isn't it amazing? It just goes to show that all of us, no matter where we live or how diverse our cultures are, we can all find a common thread that binds us all together, and that's something that I have learned from all of my international customers this year, and thank you so much for that insite.

May God bless us all, near and far, this holiday season. May this also be a Happy New Year for everyone and may this year be, finally, the year of Peace.

Blessings to you all,
Mary Jo

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