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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Baking Dolls?

So many customers have asked "What do you mean when you say in your item descriptions that you baked your dolls?" Sometimes when I describe my dolls, I'll say something like "baked to prim perfection" or "primmed to perfection".

Yes, I do bake my dolls in the oven at times! LOL! Seriously, I do! Depending on what finish I want on my dolls, I use a combination of methods to create certain effects. My dolls are made of muslin and many times I paint them. After they are dry, I may use my special (and secret) prim mixture to paint them with and then I bake them on a cookie sheet on a low oven setting until it is baked into the fabric and they are then "baked to prim perfection!"

Also, by baking dolls in the oven on a metal cookie sheet, I can get a scorched look which makes them look so old, time worn and well loved!

I have several secret primming recipes and methods that I use. My favorite secret weapon though........my food dehydrator! I know I've talked about this before on Prim Talk Radio, but I just have to mention it again because I LOVE it soooo much!

My Aunt RoseMarie from Tupper Lake, New York (by Lake Placid) gave me her food dehydrator. This isn't your ordinary food dehydrator folks, oh no, this is the MEGA size! I bet this was one of the first ones sold on the market, no lie! It is a big box with about 10 trays that I can move into any position. The secret weapon is the mega fan in it! It sounds like a jet engine in my craft room/office and throws off some heat (which I love during the winter!) and it works great! I can fit a full size doll in there since I've found the way to bend them just right to get them in there! Mostly, I do body parts! LOL! Doll body parts, that is! And it is great for primming and drying my doll dresses and bonnets and aprons too! It also works great in the summer when I don't want my oven heating up my kitchen.

My neighbors borrowed it this summer to actually dry food with it, and they offered to buy it from me because THEY loved it so much too! But no way, no how, am I selling this thing, it is invaluable to me as my secret primming tool!

So yes, I do bake my dolls in both my oven and my food dehydrator, and I love every minute of it! My house, and my dolls, smell good right afterwords too!

Mary Jo

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