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Monday, January 28, 2008

Colonial Style in Country Sampler Magazine!

I finally got to sit down for a few minutes with my new Spring issue of Country Sampler magazine. I was tickled pink to see some Colonial style furnishings in a newer home on page 10. Well, I am assuming it is a newer home by looking at the structural pieces such as stair railings and a modern kitchen....but anyway, this is what I tell customers all the time....you do NOT need a very old house to have a primitive style home with an old soul!

Melody, the owner of the home, has mixed antique cupboards and dry sinks with reproduction windsor chairs and home decor. On page 14, I just love the look of the collection of firkins painted in several shades of milk paint beside her white kitchen island. Oh, and those dough bowls in the dry sink are to die for! Michele from Holly Tree Primitives will just flip when she sees this issue! (she collects old primitive bowls, and loves those painted ones!).

I love the fact that everyday needfuls in Early American life such as candle molds, firkins, butter stamps, dry sinks, crocks, jugs, bowls, rolling pins (and the list goes on!) make wonderful accents for our homes today!

Also, did you notice the coverlet on the kitchen table placed at an angle? I would love to see some of my customers that purchased our Lover's Knot Coverlets (item #614 $19.99) from our website use them on their tables for a unique tablescape idea!

Okay, now turn to page 16. Do you see that navy blue and mustard yellow coverlet on her bed? Okay, I'm on the hunt for one of those right now! LOL!

Turn your attention to page 23. Here is a new idea that I never thought of for our braided table runners/rugs! (one of them is item #763, $15.99...we have several colors) What a great pad for a farmhouse bench! I never would have thought of this myself, so see, we all learn something new everyday! And those barnstars on the walls....don't think of them for just inside, be sure to bring those into the house and display them proudly! We have them available exclusively in our retail shoppe, so local customers, come on in!

Be sure to checkout another Early American style home beginning on page 36. This happens to be a Quaker farmhouse in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and they have kept with the charm and beauty of this Early American home just perfectly. I'm pretty jealous in fact, isn't it just beautiful? *sigh* On page 40 you will see hanging in their window, a very VERY large Paul Revere style lantern. We will be carrying a very similar lanterna exclusively in our retail shoppe that is approximately 2 feet tall and is made of punched tin.....perfect for a unique accent light for the floor next to a cupboard or on a table or sideboard! They will be arriving in the next month or so, and I can't wait!

Well, I was so happy to see some Colonial and Early style primitives highlighted this issue! Early American, Colonial, and of course Primitive, style of decorating is such a passion of mine, and I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do!

Mary Jo

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Holly Tree Primitives said...

I did 4 flips! LOL

Aren't they awesome, I just love those old bowls!!!!!

And I too thought the braided rug on the bench was genius, I am absolutely going to do that. Now, where to find an oval, long braided rug......hmmm..... LOL