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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Have you checked out Etsy yet?

I recently joined the online site Etsy, which is similar to Ebay, but is a Buy It Now format and only for listing handmade items.

Ebay is becoming harder and harder to sell on. As many of my customers know, I have not sold much on ebay in the past year, so this move was an easy one for me. It may have been in the media, but ebay is claiming that they have lowered their listing prices. That part is true, however, they do not tell you that they have raised other fees AND made some other policy changes that are turning sellers off from selling their wonderful products on the online auction site.

Here are the items I am currently offering on Etsy.com

I encourage anyone who loves prims, either buying them or selling them, to check Etsy.com out. It's reasonable to sell on, making it a great venue for you to try! I just wanted to share the information.......

Mary Jo

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