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Saturday, January 26, 2008

I've been tagged...what is that?

Oh my dear friend Michele, you tagged me....and I must admit, I had to go searching to see what the heck you were talking about! LOL! Apparently, I must come up with FIVE things to reveal about myself and then tag five more people that have not previously been tagged. Five things....hmmm....

1. I consider myself an artist. Okay, no big deal to you prim lovers out there...but do you ever get sick of being called a "crafter"? It's not bad, not by any means, please, I love to craft too! But I also paint (when I get the time to sit down, then I usually paint standing up anyway (with my tongue hanging out....okay, TMI!) and I also love to design my own dolls and I consider it art even when using a pattern. To me it's an art form. Anyhow, this year, I just may ask my "people" at the tax place to put me down as an artist instead of a retailer. LOL!

2. I hate to talk on the phone. Girls, do NOT throw something at me...but I am a woman that hates to talk on the phone. The only ones that I speak to on the telephone are my Mom and my sister Terri. That's it. And that's all I have to say about that.

3. I still love the 80's. Yep, big Bon Jovi hair is what I dream of every day.....will it come back in style? Will Aqua Net begin to overtake the hair product isle at WalMart? I miss my stirrup pants, slouch socks and Reebok ankle sneakers. Oh, and my favorite....the short earrings in one ear....and long ones in the other. Oh, the Madonna days... **sigh** I wonder if Madonna has gray roots like I do? And the music! Oh my...I could go on forever! Everything from Twisted Sister, the Police (love Sting!), the Cure, Duran Duran, Ozzy Osbourne, Van Halen, Huey Lewis and the News, Thompson Twins, Motley Crue, and of course, Bon Jovi (like, the bestest ever, like, ya know!) Oh, and the valley girl accent...okay, I better stop.

4. Hello, my name is Mary Jo, and I am an Amish groupie. Yes, I am addicted to the Amish, and everyone knows it. I just can't help it. I love their culture, we have extremely similar spiritual and religous beliefs, the food is AMAZING, and they are just the nicest people you'd ever care to meet. If you want to know more about my love of Lancaster County and the Plain People, just read more of my blog! LOL!

5. My two favorite quotes are examples of how my husband, sons, and I live our lives each and every day. "Let your life speak" by George Fox and "Let us be silent so we may hear the whisper of God" by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Simplicity, Equality, Integrity, Community and Peace are at the very core of hearts and our home. Each day I am thankful that my work with folk art and primitives and my family life naturally go hand in hand. God gives us so many opportunities, and I am blessed that He has shown me the way to bring my faith into my work.

Now, off to find five friends that haven't been tagged yet.......

Peace and blessings (and thanks a bunch Michele!)
Mary Jo


Holly Tree Primitives said...

Love ya MJ, thanks for playing along!

I hate to talk on the phone too, that must be why we never have! LOL

You did a good job. (Ah, the 80's)

Hugs to ya,

rusticstarprims said...

I must say the "80's" were a great time to grow up. I am not sure how old both or any of you are but I can say I am not too young or too old to say...those were the days. I am a young (I have noticed a few gray hairs here lately) thirty-something who fell in love with country decorating in my 20's and more recently with primitives in my 30's.

What is it about the "simple" life and primitives which leads us to more? Alright, the simple times were lived with a bit less ritual, hectic mornings packed with kids asking where their homework is as the bus pulls up, take-out, cell phones and e-mail. I would much rather e-mail the talk on the phone as well. I think it is the closest thing to modern day letter writing as we are going to get! LOL

I love prim!! :)
Rustic Star Primitives