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Thursday, January 31, 2008

We have fish!

I just wanted to share with everyone the newest and exciting thing in our house. My sisters, Terri and Wendy, surprised us all with a fish tank and accessories for Seth and Sam, my boys, for Christmas this year. Seth is five years old, and Sam will soon be four, so they were just so excited and have been begging for fish ever since.

We decided, today was the day! Daddy (a.k.a. Russ) set up the tank and all that goes with it, and off we went to our local WalMart to see what they had. We were hoping beyond hope that they had fish, since many times they are empty when we stop by to "talk to the fish" during our shopping trips.

Luck was with us today, and we came home with seven new pets. Sam and Seth just couldn't wait to name them. They put a lot of thought into it, and debated greatly, and decided that some would be named "Sammy" and some "Seth". Original, wouldn't you say?

So the fish are in the tank, and they are having so much fun! Tonight, we had to turn the lights off in the room to get a better look at them. Then, we had to drag their small chairs into the room and place them directly in front of the tank. It started out being "Fish TV", but Seth, the brilliant child that he is (I am NOT biased! LOL!) says that instead of us having Dish Network, that it was "Fish Network" and that (for some reason) it is channel 532.

So there you have it, two happy little boys sitting in front of a fish tank chatting cheerfully to their new friends. There's been a lot of laughing going on, and I'd love to know what the inside joke is, but I think it's between the boys and the fish, and who am I to impose?

Just another happy day in paradise!

Mary Jo

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Holly Tree Primitives said...

That is soooo sweet! I wanna come over and watch fish network. (we don't get 532 on our tv) LOL