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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It must have been difficult, and quite scary....

I was just working on a doll here in my office/craft room and was thinking about our bouts with the flu last week. As you all know, I have two little boys, ages four and five, and with Seth in preschool, it seems like someone in our home is always coming down with a cold. Well, it was actually about two weeks ago, we all had the flu that is going around...ear aches, sore throats, fevers, and so on. In fact, we had Seth in the emergency room one Sunday, then the next Sunday, it was Sam's turn thanks to an allergic reaction to his medicine.

I began to think of how blessed we are in this time of modern technology and medicine that something like the flu is just a passing illness. Of course, with two visits to the ER in seven days, we were quite scared, but we knew that this too shall pass and we would all be well again.

Back in the 1800's, it must have been so frightening when your child, or even yourself, came down with such a simple illness. Once in a while, when we have a quiet moment after the kids go to bed, Russ and I try to research the original owners of our house and their history. Unfortunately, we have found that they had several children that died at young ages, and I cannot imagine the pain that they endured in this very home dealing with the loss of a child. Some say that it was almost expected in those times that some of your children would not survive to adulthood, and I find that to be depressing in a way. Was that always in the back of their minds? If your little one suddenly had a rash, or worse, a fever, would you begin to panic? I most certainly would have!

Albert and Eliza Beardsley did have one child, Eleanor, survive and grow up to be a mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. It was her granddaughter, Mrs. Keck, that sent us pictures of the house from the 1800's.

So, even though many times I say that I wish I could live back in the 1800's when times were more simple, I would not want to have to live through such fear and loss. I am happy right here in the year 2008, and living a somewhat simple life while playing with my two happy and very healthy sons!

Mary Jo

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