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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ebay update, better check this out!

Okay, I've been spending wayyyyy too much time on this today, but it's got me all riled up!

I was just cruising through the sellers discussion forum, and found out that if you currently have a listing for a digital product (i.e. e-pattern) and it runs PAST March 31, the cut off date, Trust and Safety can remove the listing for you AND hit you with an ebay violation. But if you end your listing early, you will be saved from that violation, but lose your listing fees that you paid....no refunds given.


Ebay sets new rules effective March 31, but are not allowing you to list them now. They are also pulling some of these listings early. AND if you do not voluntarily remove your listings that run past the March 31 deadline, you will be in violation of ebays rules and it will affect your account (which you may not care at this point anyway).

Yep, they are real winners over there, aren't they?

ALSO, there are many many many sellers over there that aren't aware that this is even going on. You know, not all sellers belong to ebay groups, so word may not be spreading to everyone. Be sure to let your friends out there know what is going on.

Such a shame, I feel for those that rely on ebay for their income.



Doreen said...

Does that mean that no one can sell e-patterns on ebay anymore?

Privies & Prims

Mary Jo said...

Unfortunately Doreen, that is true....NO more e-patterns on ebay. Also, no templates for your auctions, graphics for your websites or scrapbooking, nothing digital at all!!!

Many do not know about the changes because ebay just slides these new rules in without any notice but an announcement buried deep within ebay.

nanny*goat*primitives said...

The news is devastating! Sellers of electronically delivered goods were given zero warning (one week, oh please???). I have yet to see a formal announcement or email from eBay. Their customers are completely in the dark.

I hope all of these designers find a new web home to sell their wares. I hope everyone lands of their feet.

Shame on you, eBay!