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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ebay's done it again...no E-Patterns!

Well folks, ebay has put another nail in the coffin of us small sellers on ebay, and some of the big ones too.

In case you haven't heard, effective March 31, ebay will no longer allow any digitally delivered items to be sold on ebay. They can only be sold on their classified ads section, and guess what, that's a fee of $9.95 for 30 days for EACH item!

What does this mean? Well, digitally delivered items are e-books, e-recipes (like your beloved prim recipes), auction templates, graphics, e-manuals (like I just bought for my antique Singer), AND E-PATTERNS! Anything that you ship to a customer via electronic format is under this new rule.

The kicker, they are already stopping sellers from listing these items and are pulling listings that sell these items, BEFORE their effective date. Sellers are being given a warning by ebay that they are in violation of ebay policies and stand the chance to have their seller status revoked.

I rarely sell on ebay anymore, so this will not affect me as a seller too much. As a buyer, it may hurt me a little more. Most of all, I am angered for those work at home mom's, people who have quit their day jobs, those just trying to earn a little extra cash to get buy, ebay is destroying their cash flow, and it's just not right. The least they could do is give notice of 60 or 90 days so that people can at least make other arrangements, but of course, when you are ebay, and you are making more than you can count, why should you care about the people out there trying to earn a little so their kids can go to camp, or to be able to sock away enough extra money to be able to afford the gas money this summer to take their kids to zoo?

What about those that have done well on ebay, and were finally able to leave that stressful day job, or the working moms that could finally stay home with their kids instead of placing them in daycare? What about those people?

Enough is enough, I say. This is getting out of hand. What is next? Will ebay now decide that ebay groups are nothing more than gripe sessions and **poof** they will suddenly disappear with members only finding out when they can no longer log on? Will they suddenly decide that ebay is only for designer handbags, shoes and ebay motors and push folk artists and crafters out completely?

Do I sound outraged? You bet I am! As I said, this hardly affects me at all business wise, but personally, I am devistated for my friends and colleagues that are suddenly left up a creek without a paddle.

Let's all band together and do something....spread the word about other forums and let's SUPPORT THEM. Think of not only selling on these, but trying to buy on them as well. I've bought a few things from Etsy, and have been very pleased, and happy to know that I am supporting a handcrafted selling site.

I'm going to list just a couple of those that I know of here, and please leave comments on other avenues that I have missed.

For e-patterns (and paper too):
Lemonpoppyseeds.com (both finished dolls and there is a pattern section too, awesome site!)
Patternmart.com (you can instantly download e-patterns and buy paper patterns too...also there are e-classes which are fantastic!)
Patternpage.com (directory of websites that sell patterns)

Gosh, I know there's more, but I'm drawing a blank (I am so stinkin' mad!)....come on girls, let's list some more and also try to post something on your blogs as well to spread the word!

Bloggers, let's start exchanging links vigorously....I sell my e-patterns directly from my blog (thanks to patternmart.com) and many of you do too....we can all support each other in this!

Many blessings, and may God help us all!
Mary Jo


Linda said...

Hi Mary Jo:

Boy, sounds like eBay is really doing a lot of things these days to annoy a whole bunch of people from their power sellers to the small business owners.

I have never set-up a shop on eBay as I have my own E-Patterns websites (www.lindawalshoriginals.com and lindawalshoriginalsepatterns.com) but would be very unhappy if I were selling there and they didn't even give you notice.

I think there was a boycott of eBay on the internet a few weeks ago due to all the changes over there and that their CEO left.

I have heard a LOT of good things about ETSY and will be opening up a shoppe with them in the very near future.


Kindra said...

I think all the crafters need to go to Etsy. I have been looking into it and it looks like it's really growing over there. I bet Etsy is jumping up and down seeing all the changes over at Ebay. That's too bad that Ebay is catering to the big boys! I agree there are several people out there just getting buy and selling their wares on Ebay was like a second income for them. It's just too bad.

Mary Jo said...

Thank you girls for your comments....Etsy is a GREAT place to be a part of. I feel such positive energy there, and it's incredible to see so many handmade products available for those that want just handmades.

Let's keep getting the word out. I've been checking ebays sellers discussion board and it's amazing that MANY people do not even know that these changes are coming. I'm posting a new update I just found about also.

Mo said...

First let me say, I am in NO way defending ebay. I hate the new changes and how they have negatively effected craft sellers. I did want to point out though you are mistaken about classified ads being 9.95 per item. Check out how this great seller set up her ad and you will see it could be a good value for epattern sellers, template sellers etc:
I have listed a few things on etsy but the traffic is just not the same there as with ebay. A brand new prim auction site has been started by the gals at Prim Sisters Talk Radio. Here is that link:http://www.oldcrowsauction.com/cgi-bin/auction.pl Their listing fees are very low and no final value fee is charged. If more prim seller/buyers learned about this site for sales too I think it could be a success.Ebay may have knocked the wind out of our sales but crafters are resilient AND creative! Ü We can;t help but find a way to share our creations right?!

Mary Jo said...

Simply Sally has done a fine job with her Classifieds! I agree, I may have been mistaken about the $9.95 (or whatever they are charging now) per item. As in Sally's case, she is able to have all of her templates listed in one ad (not paying $9.95 per template). I have not even given this any consideration because I sell on patternmart.com, patternpage.com, etsy, and of course, on my own website. I hope that Sally, and others that are using the classifieds, are getting good exposure! Thanks for the comment.