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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

On this day in 1870....

The gentlement wrote the following on March 12, 1870:

3 Meals at home

work on Brafires trestle

Chilly all day

veal .60
salts .12
candy .10

Not exciting, but always fun to read! I have read most of the journal, and there are many references to trestles and the Erie train, so he must have been a railroad worker. This will be a very special keepsake for my 5 year old son, Seth, who is a true railfan. He knows more about steam engines than most adults, and amazes volunteers at Steamtown and Strasburg railroads on how he can name the engine classes and knows every little detail! What a wonderful find this journal was!

Here in Pennsylvania on this day in 2008, it also was chilly all day!

Mary Jo

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Holly Tree Primitives said...

I love this, MJ, it is a great idea! What is the food reference, is that how much it cost him to eat for the day, or so you think it is what he spent at the general store that day? So interesting.

Oh....and you have been tagged with a "Make my Day Award"! Go to my blog to check it out!