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Friday, March 14, 2008

A sure sign of Spring (finally!)...

On my way to my shoppe this morning, I was thrilled to hear the sound of geese returning from their warm Winter home! *sigh* What a relief! I know that it hasn't been a harsh winter, but why did it still seem so long? In a way, I'm a bit sad, but only because I truly enjoy getting in my flannel pj's at 6 p.m.! With warm weather approaching, and now that the clocks were turned forward and it stays lighter longer, those early evening pj wardrobe changes are soon coming to an end.

I look forward now to seeing the first few sprouts of Spring flowers and plants to emerge. It's a surprise every year, since I have such a poor memory of what I have planted and where I have put it!

Enjoy the new Spring weather, and I'm hoping you hear geese where you are also!

Mary Jo

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