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Friday, April 4, 2008

And the battle begins!!!

It's that time of year, Battle of the Birds. I love our fine feathered friends, but don't like them building nests right on my porch.

Now really, we live in a very small town and have trees, creeks, farms and woods all around us....why must these birds pick my porch for their new home?

Hey, let's face it, we know we are good neighbors. We're quiet, keep our property neat as a pin, and help our fellow neighbors when needed....no wonder they'd like to take up residence literally outside my kitchen door!

But the reality is, I don't like bird doo-doo on my head, or on my porch floor, or on my furniture, or on my boys' toys. I don't like being startled out of my britches when I walk past a nest and scare the birds into scaring ME by flapping their wings and squawking at me for no good reason (really, I'm not going to hurt you birdies!).

And with all of the lovely trees, bushes, and even a BARN for them to live in on our property alone, is it too much to ask for them to build their nests elsewhere?

******* sigh ********

What we usually do is shoo them away, and continually tear down the nests that they start to build with the hopes that they get the message. But it breaks my heart to know that they spent a lot of time and energy to find their nesting materials to build that little home, just for me to tear it down.

I've tried spraying the area with room fresheners, cleaning solution, vinegar, anything stinky, to them at least. No luck.

If any of you have a natural and animal friendly remedy for this situation, please leave a comment on this post.

Gotta go and grab my broom. Yep, out in my pj's I go to scare off my birds! (I think the neighbors think I'm nuts, isn't the first time, won't be the last!)

Many blessings,
Mary Jo

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