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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Three new great website links...

I wanted to share three new wonderful websites that I stumbled upon over the last few weeks. Quakers are known for their simplistic living and strong values. There are some wonderful tips and great information on these sites. I've included the web addresses below and they are also links on the left side of this blog.

Most notably, Quaker Anne (www.quakeranne.com) has some wonderful simple living tips. She gives tips on keeping a well-stocked pantry, cooking with honey, making maple syrup, and more. Just click on the "Simple Living Skills" link on the left side of her webpage. Quaker Anne (by the way, her real name is Kimberly Anne) is also a children's author and she has wonderful stories on her site that you can share with your own children. I love the story "A Chicken is Born" which shows a hen laying an egg and you can see the progression of the hatching of the egg later on!

There is also a link on her site to Quaker Hill Farm (www.quakerfarm.com) located in Michigan where you can obtain wool fiber for your doll hair and handmade soaps. If you live in Michigan, or are willing to travel, there are workshops on simple living skills such as cooking, cheese making, soap making, spinning wool, baking bread and more! Looking for a unique gift or something for that hard to buy for friend or relative? You can adopt a goat, sheep, or the farm! What a wonderful site for browsing!

I spent nearly an hour last night reading all about Quaker Hill Farm, and even mentioned to my husband about attending one of their retreats and workshops.....maybe someday right? Michigan and Pennsylvania aren't all that close, but still, not all that far either.

Quaker Jane (her real name is Isabel)is a Quaker by convincement (wasn't born a Quaker) and shares her story of how she was led to dress plain. It is quite an inspirational website, she is so honest and forthcoming with her "new" old lifestyle, and I can appreciate that. Isabel also provides wonderful references to Amish, Mennonite and Quaker dress and headcoverings. A very thoughtful and interesting read!

I find myself becoming more and more passionate about simple living. We already live a slower paced life, but at times, I long for even more. These websites have given me the ability to dream about it and live vicariously through them.

I hope you take a moment to look at both, it is always wonderful to open yourself up to new ways of life and, as in these cases, I feel a relatively unknown piece of our American heritage.

Many blessings,
Mary Jo


Bluejean Primitives said...

Thanks for the links Mary Jo!

These are great ones... :)


Holly Tree Primitives said...

Love the new look, MJ. I thought I actually stepped into the past, this was the original template I used when I started my blog! LOL Just one more thing proving our genetic link!

Thanks for the links, they are great!