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Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Happy and Blessed Mothers Day!

A Happy Mother's Day to you all!

I have been a Mom now for six years (I always like to count my pregnancies as Mommy time), and I am so happy that I waited to have these two beautiful boys!

I was a bit older when Russ and I started our family. Not too old, mind you, I was 32 years old when I had Seth, and he and Sam were both well worth the wait!

Seth and Sam are joys to have as little men. They give me so much happiness and make Russ and I laugh so much. They are also very BUSY boys, and are exhausting on some days, but I love it. That is another reason why I enjoy being a somewhat older Mother, I have a bit more patience now than I did when I was younger. I'm content to be at home for days, weeks at a time (I wish somedays I never had to leave the house) and no longer feel the need to have everything, do everything, see everything....I'm mighty content at home with my family and wouldn't have it any other way.

Everyone was asking what we were doing special for Mother's Day. Well, wouldn't you know, it is my husband's first day back to work after a nice, long vacation, and I am working at our shoppe today. But that's fine with me, as I explained to all who asked, it's Mother's Day each and every day, and I don't need just one single day for my husband and boys to make me feel special, I get that feeling every time they smile at me!

Sam did bake me a chocolate cake with white frosting and sprinkles on it, and it's delicious! Seth and Sam also put their favorite stickers on construction paper and presented me with their "Love Cards" last evening. Oh, and by the way, that chocolate cake was one of the best breakfasts that I've ever had! LOL! Sam and I snuck a piece for our breakfast....it is, afterall, Mother's Day, and can't I have just a little bit of guilt free indulgance today? :-)

So I hope you all have a wonderful day today! Most importantly, I hope EACH day is a blessed Mother's Day for you all!

Mary Jo

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