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Saturday, May 10, 2008

My 1000th Product!!!!!

Wow, can you believe that? One Thousand products!!!! I was adding a new product this afternoon and realized that it was number 999, I just about fell over!

It has been only two short years that I have had my own webshoppe. It seems like it was just yesterday, yet it also feels like I have been doing this forever!

Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine Products ago, I started this little webshoppe hoping to share my love of primitives with other people. I figured that it would be a nice way to get to meet new people and sell a few of my wares. When I told some people that I was getting my own website, a few actually scoffed at me and one person said "Everyone has a website, even my son has one and he doesn't sell anything!". Well, needless to say, I wasn't talking about Myspace or posting personal pictures online, I wanted to really have a business that I cared about.

I had another person claim that I was going to Walmart and reselling things on ebay....and they had a good laugh at my expense right in my face with other people looking on [the least they could do was wait until I turned my back ;-)]. Well, two years, 999 unique online products and a new retail shoppe later, I am loving what I do and doing what I love, and that's all that matters to me. I'd like to personally thank that one person for doing that, since it gave me the extra drive to get where I am today. You know who you are, so here, I'm saying it, "THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart, thank YOU!

Thanks to my friends and my wonderful customers, I am able to live my dream. It's a simple one, too; as simple as living a quiet, simplified life, creating folk art and selling primitives, all while being able to be home with my two beautiful boys and watch them grow up to be great men, just like their father. My husband and I share this dream together, and we both appreciate all of you and your support through it all!

So, I raise my coffee in a toast......here's to all of you, many blessings to you all and here's to many more years of sharing the love and passion of primitives, and many more years of continued friendship!

Hip Hip Hooray!

Peace and Blessings,
Mary Jo

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Holly Tree Primitives said...

Congratulations, MJ! 1000 products, that is a HUGE accomplishment. Best wishes for 1000 more.

Love ya,