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Friday, June 6, 2008

A New Doll, and the Confession of the Doll Maker

First, I just had to show off this great vacuum cover doll that I just finished. Here she is in our side yard with my son, Sam, on top of my Hoover upright that I use in the shoppe.


She's tall, and Sam is proud to pose next to her. Seth, my five year old, loved her so much and was sad that I wanted to sell her, so I had to quickly make one for our house. He is happy now and I caught him talking to her earlier today...that and talking to "Angel", his Angel fish in our tank.

Now for the confession part.

I get very frustrated as a doll maker sometimes. I love my art, I love creating the dolls that speak to me. Whether they are from a pattern of another designer, or the images floating through my imagination, I get nearly giddy with excitement at the prospect of another new creation.

Then it happens.............

I want to make several dolls at once....can't make up my mind. I stare aimlessly at my sketches or my patterns, then I look at the vast array of fabrics that I have to choose from just hoping that one of them will leap out at me and scream "USE ME!!!". But most of the time, MANY of them do that.

This is what frustrates me the most. Call it ADD, indecisiveness, or simple madness, but it is so frustrating!

Maybe I should look at it as one of my best traits. I do take pride in the fact that I don't just crank out doll after doll after doll. I truly do take one doll at a time (okay, maybe sometimes two) and work until it's complete. It may take days, but I honestly do not just mass produce my dolls, even though part of me wants to get them all out of my head at once.

As I am typing this, I already have one doll that I know I need to make for my neighbor, I just need to "get at it". Again, maybe it's the artist in me (did I just call myself an artist?) or just knowing that I "have" to do it. But I must be "in the mood" to make a specific style or design of a doll. I've got something else brewing in my head that is literally causing me to dream about them, so maybe this weekend is the time to clear my head and start my new idea before diving in and creating the doll for my neighbor.

So that's it, the big doll vacuum cleaner cover and my confession. It's not exciting, but it's my life, and I like it plain and simple!

Mary Jo

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