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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hellooooooo Ladies!

I don't have a picture just yet because it's getting dark outside, but our fine young ladies, the hens, have a new man! Russ's brother, Tom, located a fine rooster for us up in Athens, PA, and the guys (Seth, Sammy and Russ) went up to get it today! He used to be the low guy on the totem pole at Tom's brother-in-laws farm, but now, he's the king of the roost!

His name is Eggbert Eggbert, and our 4 year old, Sam, named the guy. It's kinda confusing, since one of our hens is also Eggbert, but as Sam explained in his four year old intellect, this name is different because he's a boy rooster and so he's Eggbert Eggbert, get it? Well, luckily they don't mind! LOL!

The hens haven't been laying eggs yet, but are about due to in a few weeks or so, and now with Eggbert Eggbert around, maybe some chicks could be in our future?

So now we have the white hen, Danie (short for the word Danger, Seth's favorite word next to Warning!), Eggbert, the speckled Barred Rock hen, Brown Betty (my hen) the Rhode Island Red hen, and now Eggbert Eggbert. I just love living in the country!

All are getting along so far, and Eggbert Eggbert was strutting his stuff as if to say Hellllooooooo Ladies! Yeah, he's a happy camper!

I'll add a picture ASAP...........

Many Blessings,
Mary Jo

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