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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Getting Caught Up...

Have you ever been so behind that you just don't know where to begin? I know we've all been there at some point in time, but right now, I feel so deep in the thick of "behindness" that I just look around and wonder where the heck do I start.

I was gearing up for the Columbus Day Weekend. It's big here in Susquehanna County. There are artist tours and antique shoppe tours, so I knew it would be a busy one for our little shoppe, and it certainly was! I had extended our days open to coincide with the tours, and I had the opportunity to meet so many new customers!

In getting ready for the weekend, I failed to get an article in for the Olde Prairie Register, but luckily my gal pal, Michele from the OPR and Hollytree Primitives, understands my scatter brain condition and let me slide this time! LOL! Thanks Michele, I promise I'm gonna have something this time 'round.

I've changed the graphics on my website and this here blog, and I just love how it all looks! Thanks to Amybug, I feel like I'm at home....this is exactly how I "feel" and hope that you all enjoy the simplistic feel and antique and old time charm it has.

We discovered a new store in the area. In Wilkes Barre, Sam and I discovered the "Five Below" store. This is the first I've heard of it, and it's like the Target of Walmarts! LOL! A bit above a dollar store, everything is five dollars or less, and is actually quality items! They had tons of computer software games, and I splurged and got the family 7 of them! We love Venture Africa Tycoon, since Sam wants to be a zoo worker someday, and he's ensuring that his virtual animals have a flourishing ecosystem to live in.

Seth is driving us nuts in a very good way. He needs us to spell everything...and I mean everything! Mom, how do you spell Lego, how do you spell October, how do you spell caution? You get the picture. But he's learning so much, and I'm amazed at the details that he gives me each day after school. It's a lot of fun!

So, I'm a bit behind, but it's been a great Fall. We are now getting ready to take a mini family vacation to Lancaster and asked my parents to join us. Yep, I'll be behind again, but it'll be worth it. We have many blessings in our lives, and it's the little blessing that are the best for sure!

Many Blessings,
Mary Jo

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Karen said...

P.S. to my other post....I love your new look....on here and your website.
Don't you just love the background...we have a couple table squares of this pattern and a chair. LOVE IT.