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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mason Jar Tart Warmers are back in stock!

I just received a shipment of our very popular mason jar tart warmers. These are not only perfect for warming your favorite tarts and wax potpourri, but cast a beautiful glow and light throughout the room!


Here's a frugal hint or two.....don't put in full tarts, break them up and add a little first. It's easier to add more if you need more scent and sometimes a little goes a long way! Also, don't throw out your candles when they are burnt down. If it's a jar candle, pop it into the freezer for 10 minutes and chip pieces out. If it's a pillar candle, sometimes the sides don't burn down. Use these extra pieces in your tart warmers! Just remember, it's not being cheap, it's being FRUGAL! LOL!

To see these great tart warmers, just visit my site at www.finecountrylivingprimitives.com and go to either the Early Lighting category or New Arrivals.

Peace and Blessings,
Mary Jo


Char said...

just wanted to say....I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE...going to be shopping over there alot I can see!

Peddlin'Treasures said...

Hello... Just wanted to say that I love your blog and web-site. Have a great day!

Karen said...

MaryJo....wonderful suggestions on the usage of the tarts and candles...last year I purchased jars of 'Tart Brittle'. They put the mixture in shallow pans and then broke it up like peanut brittle would be and put it in jars to sell....I like this idea because sometimes I don't want the same scent burning each time I fire it up.