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Friday, November 28, 2008

You MUST Have Dinner at Remingtons!

On Monday, December 1, Russ and I will celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary. To celebrate, we were fortunate enough to have my sister, Wendy, and her husband, Ken, come over and watch our two boys while we went out for dinner.

This is a big deal for us. Russ and I go out twice a year. Once for our anniversary, and once for his birthday, May 1. We never go out for my birthday in January since each and every year it snows, so I just gave up! LOL!

Anyhow, we made our first visit to Remington's Restaurant in Tunkhannock, PA, and what a delight it was! The moment you step onto the porch of the restaurant, you know that you are in for a real treat. Immediately, I recognized Ruth's decorating, and you feel right at home as you enter through the door.

Ruth and Jack have made this restaurant so inviting. Multiple fireplaces, antiques, colorful paintings, dining areas both upstairs and down, and music set the mood! You can begin with a drink in the Leopard Lounge which is new and looks like fun. If you are like me, you immediately want to get to the food, so this time around, we skipped the lounge. ;-)

Of course Ruth made us feel right at home, and Kristy was quick to take care of anything we needed. I started out with stuffed mushrooms (fresh crab meat, melted cheese and garlic butter...oh my goodness!) and Russ chose the French onion soup. Our fresh and delicious salads were next, and then came my New York Strip steak topped with mushrooms in a bourbon sauce. Russ had the Chicken Chesapeake which was tender chicken topped with fresh crab meat and melted cheese. I must admit, my steak was awesome, but after I tried his chicken, I know for sure that next time, I'm going with the Chicken!

Everything was fantastic, the food, the atmosphere, the hospitality! If you are in the historic town of Tunkhannock, please be sure to try Remingtons! It's located at 203 E. Tioga Street (near Brick's supermarket) and they can be reached at 570-836-2401. You can also visit their website at www.remingtonstunkhannock.com.

Remington's Restaurant, "Polished Casual Dining", and a wonderful way to spend a special evening! Thanks Ruth!

Many Blessings,
Mary Jo

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New Line of Candles in the Shoppe!

I am so excited to offer a new line of candles in the shoppe! Keeping with my quest to have as many Pennsylvania made products as possible, I am now carrying the Old Candle Barn's famous handpoured candles!

If the name sounds familiar, it's because they have one of the largest retail shoppes in Lancaster County, PA. They are located right next to Kitchen Kettle Village in Intercourse, PA, and are well known for their highly scented candles. They also have an amazing retail shoppe filled with primitives and carry many of the same items as we do here at Fine Country Living Primitives and I love to explore their store. In fact, one visit over the summer allowed me to eavesdrop on a customer who drove from Dushore to the Old Candle Barn just for stocking up on their candles for the next six months or so.....now that's a loyal customer!

I'm offering a mix of both soy candles and regular jar candles, all are handpoured, and are reasonably priced at $10 for regular jar candles and $11 for soy jar candles. Some of the scents that I have are Fresh Pear, Hazlenut Coffee, Chai Latte, White Chocolate (ooooh, this one is awesome!), Balsam Fir, Cranberry, Fresh Mown Hay (really fresh and different), Spice, Peppermint, Roasted Chestnut and a few more! I also have incredible potpourri from the Old Candle Barn in Roasted Chestnut and Balsam Fir which are perfect gifts for friends and family or for using all throughout your home this holiday season.....a little goes a long way with the strong scent throw, and I know you'll really enjoy it!

A few people have asked if I carry more name brand candle lines like Yankee, Woodwick, and Keepers of the Light. Honestly, I've looked into these and decided against them for a few reasons. First, they are nice and all, but are also expensive both for myself and for my customers and to be honest, the candles from the Old Candle Barn are highly scented and in my opinion, have more scent throw than the expensive brands! Remember folks, the big name brands do a lot of advertising and fancy packaging, and that leads to higher retail prices to cover those costs. Finally, I try to offer as many products made here in Pennsylvania as much as possible. Of course, many items are the manufactured items that are made in other countries, and that's something that all of us struggle with ot only in buying retail primitives, but in our own clothing, housewares, etc.; I try to balance that with my own handmade items, other artisan's handcrafted products, my woven textiles and reproduction Colonial goods made right here in Pennsylvania, and the candles handpoured for 35 years at the Old Candle Barn in Intercourse, PA!

Many Blessings,
Mary Jo

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Holiday 2008 Mercantile Gatherings Christmas Issue!

I'm pleased to announce that I have available for sale the new Holiday 2008 issue of Mercantile Gatherings! This is packed full of nifty ideas for your holiday decorating, free patterns, great resources and much more!

These sell super fast, so be sure to get over to www.FineCountryLivingPrimitives.com to get your copy today!

Many Blessings,
Mary Jo

On a personal note.....

I have some wonderful news on a personal side of my life. My husband, Russ, introduced me to Quakerism when we met and we have been following it's beliefs as a family ever since. Actually, Russ and I both felt we were Quakers from the moment we were born, and I personally also considered it a way of life, not just a spiritual journey.

To make a long story short, we found a wonderful Meeting of the Religous Society of Friends in Forty Fort, PA. It's a 45 minute drive one way, but it's the closest, and of course, worth every mile and minute of our weekly trek!

We've grown to love this community and Russ and I took the plunge and requested membership into the North Branch Friends Meeting, and formally into the Religous Society of Friends. We are delighted to say that they welcomed us into Meeting with open arms, and Russ and I couldn't be happier! We are thankful for all they do for the community and everyone both here and abroad that are in need. We couldn't think of a more wonderful environment for our boys to grow up in, and are thankful for the outstanding role models they have to look up to which include not only adults, but teenagers and other children as well.

I normally don't discuss such personal matters here on my blog, but I was drawn to at least mention this milestone in our lives. Many of my customers already know that we are Quakers, but I felt that I needed to put it in "print" and just wanted to share.

Curious about Quakers? Well, we're not like the Puritans, and we aren't a "branch" of the Amish (though some conservative Quakers dress similarly), and many only know of Quakers because of the Quaker Oats Company (no connection) or maybe William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania (yes, a Quaker!). Try Googling "Quaker" or going to Wikpedia to find out more, simple as that.

Oh, and we don't have our own Meetinghouse, and have been meeting at the Presbyterian Church in Forty Fort in the Summer and at Wyoming Seminary Elementary School during the school year. Want to help us build a Meetinghouse? We have cookbooks available for sale on my website at www.FineCountryLivingPrimitives.com. They are only $10, make great gifts, and have some wonderful-good recipes! Yummy! ;-) Help us out, won't you?

Blessings to all!
Mary Jo

Latest Issue of The Olde Prairie Register is Available!

The latest issue of the super-great online magazine "The Olde Prarie Register" is available now! This is a double issue packed full of fun decorating ideas for the holidays, Colonial Christmas recipes, and so much more!

My dear friend, Michele, pours her heart and soul into each and every issue and us contributors help out a bit too! Sign up for the newsletter, and you'll be sure to get updates and ideas along with reading the online version.

Visit www.oldeprairieregister.blogspot.com right now and see just how great it is for yourself, you won't be disappointed one bit!

Blessings to you,
Mary Jo