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Thursday, November 13, 2008

On a personal note.....

I have some wonderful news on a personal side of my life. My husband, Russ, introduced me to Quakerism when we met and we have been following it's beliefs as a family ever since. Actually, Russ and I both felt we were Quakers from the moment we were born, and I personally also considered it a way of life, not just a spiritual journey.

To make a long story short, we found a wonderful Meeting of the Religous Society of Friends in Forty Fort, PA. It's a 45 minute drive one way, but it's the closest, and of course, worth every mile and minute of our weekly trek!

We've grown to love this community and Russ and I took the plunge and requested membership into the North Branch Friends Meeting, and formally into the Religous Society of Friends. We are delighted to say that they welcomed us into Meeting with open arms, and Russ and I couldn't be happier! We are thankful for all they do for the community and everyone both here and abroad that are in need. We couldn't think of a more wonderful environment for our boys to grow up in, and are thankful for the outstanding role models they have to look up to which include not only adults, but teenagers and other children as well.

I normally don't discuss such personal matters here on my blog, but I was drawn to at least mention this milestone in our lives. Many of my customers already know that we are Quakers, but I felt that I needed to put it in "print" and just wanted to share.

Curious about Quakers? Well, we're not like the Puritans, and we aren't a "branch" of the Amish (though some conservative Quakers dress similarly), and many only know of Quakers because of the Quaker Oats Company (no connection) or maybe William Penn, the founder of Pennsylvania (yes, a Quaker!). Try Googling "Quaker" or going to Wikpedia to find out more, simple as that.

Oh, and we don't have our own Meetinghouse, and have been meeting at the Presbyterian Church in Forty Fort in the Summer and at Wyoming Seminary Elementary School during the school year. Want to help us build a Meetinghouse? We have cookbooks available for sale on my website at www.FineCountryLivingPrimitives.com. They are only $10, make great gifts, and have some wonderful-good recipes! Yummy! ;-) Help us out, won't you?

Blessings to all!
Mary Jo


Karen said...

What a wonderful committment and way of life. I envy anyone who believes in something that deeply and goes after it.
Bless you all Mary Jo.

Holly Tree Primitives said...

What wonderful news, MJ. I so admire you and Russ' faith and I am thankful that you have found someplace that you can call home.

Thanks for sharing your spiritual journey with us.