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Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's officially hybernation mode for me!

Well, not really, but we are now officially on our new Winter Shoppe Hours of Fridays and Saturdays, 10-5. As all of my customers know, you can always call ahead and I'll gladly open for you any day or time as long as we are able to!

The last few weeks have been very snowy and icy. Surprisingly, my customers trudged through all of it and I still had my dedicated prim lovers coming in their four wheel drive vehicles and snow gear! Now that's what I call a passion for primitives and I love it! LOL!

I do ask my local customers to call if it's snowing hard since, many times, it's just myself, the boys and the snowblower. The boys are too young to use it and I haven't been officially trained on it, so don't count on a cleared driveway my friends! It's hard when Russ works those swing shifts and is gone for 14 hours, but he's a great man....tonight he came home and was out with the snowblower at 8:30 p.m. in the dark clearing the way so that I can get out in the morning.

Seth has his Christmas play with the other kindergarden students at his school and Sam has his preschool Christmas party, it's so much fun with the boys at these ages! They are very excited about Christmas, but not just for Santa and their presents...they love to celebrate everything about the holidays! Sharing with family and friends, singing and decorating, and always thinking of those that aren't as fortunate as we are. Even at their young ages, my boys are aware of the conditions that some children live in throughout the world and in our own country. They have many ideas on how to make things better, and someday I'll share that with you all, but for now, just keep those in need in your prayers tonight, just as our boys do each and every night. We're blessed to have boys who care so much about everyone in the world, and not just themselves!

Many Blessings,
Mary Jo

Friday, December 5, 2008

New Amish made items in the shoppe!

I had such a wonderful trip to Lancaster this past Monday. My sister, Wendy, helped me by tagging along, keeping me awake and laughing the whole day, and helped me choose some wonderful new primitives for the shoppe!

We brought back a fantastic large Amish made cupboard with a screen door.....basically, a tall and simple pie safe. It has shelves with enough space in between that you can house your tall needfuls easily. I have it displayed with baskets and bowls of our tin star fruit spilling out onto the shelves, a grungy primitive sheep, my famous "faux" loaves of bread, and of course, a few of our primitive everlasting taper and pillar candles. Let me tell you, when you see these candles flickering through the closed screen door, you are transformed into a primitive paradise! On top of the cupboard, I stood three of my tall painted wooden stars.....red, mustard and black. On the other side of the top I placed a rusty milk can filled with cream colored berries. In the middle is my primitive calico dress on a stand and I then draped a pip berry vine and rusty star garland so that some of the berries spill over the top of the screen door. I have to give myself a little pat on the back...it does look oh, so prim!

I also purchased an Amish made long farm table. This is also made of old barnwood and is distressed barn wood with chippy white paint. I have it upstairs in the shoppe and topped it with my entire Hearthside Collection of painted wooden wares....bowls, plates, trays and some more of those wonderful everlasting taper and pillar candles. I added a wreath stand with a wonderful pip berry star wreath in white berries with rusty stars. Remember prim lovers, these wreath stands are not just for your floors! Use them in your entryway on an old washstand, maybe on a buffet in your dining room and I love them on mantles! The best part of this farm table is that it's a knockdown...simply remove the legs (no tools needed!) and we can carry it downstairs and out the door to your vehicle, simple as that!

The last Amish made item is the coffee table made from an old barn window. Nine panes are in the window, and the craftsman left the natural side facing up to showcase those primitive old worm holes in the wood, don't you just love that! Know what else I love? They rounded the corners and edges, so us Mothers don't need to worry about sharp edges with our little ones! Of course, it is still glass, so we're not entirely out of the woods yet! Anyhow, I have this on my shoppe porch with one of my new Old Candle Barn brand candles in the White Chocolate scent (oh my, it smells delicious, and NO CAOLORIES!). I surrounded the candle with a prim wreath of berries and rusty stars and it looks stunningly simple!

I brought back so many other items, too many to mention! Wendy and I hardly had any room for the ride home. In fact, my big sister was sweet enough to hold a new Colonial electric chandelier handmade by Irvins on her lap all the way home (over three hours!). Now that's a great sister!

Stop in and see everything for yourself! We're open Wednesday through Saturday, 10-5. We're also asking that you call ahead in inclement weather. Many days I am here by myself with the boys, and if it snows too much, I may not be able to get the driveway and parking lot cleared in order to open for business. (I still need training on the new snowblower!) Thanks for your understanding!

Many Blessings,
Mary Jo