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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's amazing how you are led........

For some reason, today I felt the incredible urge to make dolls. Not just any dolls, but ones that I have not made in some time.

I set to making a few of my "Goin' to Meeting" Quaker dolls today and joyfully so. It felt good to be sewing and creating again, even if just for a little while. It seems that during these holidays and even here, all the way into the end of January, I just can't keep up with my retail and online business (that's a good thing, by the way), but I sure did miss making things with my hands.

So as I said, I made some Quaker dolls today. Finished two, and two almost finished.

As I'm sitting back this evening surfing the web, I picked up one of my favorite decorating books and opened it to the page of the Shaker Legacy. And this is what I read as the very first sentence:

"Put your hands to work and your hearts to God".

Wow, the words of Mother Ann, founder of the Shaker sect, really hit home for me today. Isn't that something how I felt the need to create, then picked up a book (a decorating book, at that), and read that very sentence! I don't know much about the Shakers, but now I think they are pretty cool!

Just something to think about, eh?

Many Blessings,
Mary Jo

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Liz said...

I love when I get that way. You have a lovely blog