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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

May I Offer a Suggestion....

I love shopping online for primitives just as much as you all do. Yes, even though I sell items both online and in my retail shoppe, I still love the hunt of browsing through website after website for that special something that is calling to me.

But I do have a suggestion for sellers, and it's something that I am guilty of myself at times.

Please, it's no fun to shop if 98% of your items are sold.

If you have this problem, first of all, good for you....you go girl! :-) I love to see others selling their wares as fast as they can put them up for sale.

What I do find frustrating though, is that when I click on an item and see it's sold, I then click on another, and find that's sold, and the next, then the next. What I end up doing is just clicking on out of that website and going to another. I admit, I may miss that one special thing waiting for me on page 13 that is still for sale, but if you continue to show each and every item that you ever had available for sale during the last 3 1/2 years, I'm going to lose interest and move on.

I have run into this situation with my very own website, and I am just as guilty as the rest of you. I have been trying to remember to click on the button "do not show if sold" when I enter new products for sale, and at times I forget. Time gets the best of me, and when I'm adding 40+ new products in one day after a 15 hour shopping spree the day before, my mind gets a little numb and I forget. The same goes for when an item sells, it will still read "SOLD", but I forget to purge the sold items on a regular basis, so I just may be frustrating my customers with the very thing that drives me insane when I am the one shopping online with other merchants.

I know that it's hard to let some things go....especially those of you with one of a kind dolls and such. But folks, sometimes we just must. Like I said earlier, if it sold quite some time ago, along with your other lovely items, how can a customer find the ones available right now if they are buried somewhere in the midst of sold products?

Just a thought, this is only my opinion, and you may now throw your rag "dammit" doll at the computer screen.....it's okay, I can take it!

Many Blessings,
Mary Jo


Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

Great suggestion... While I am thrilled for the artist that their item sold,it becomes so frustrating when there is nothing new to select from. Thanks for mentioning it!

Mary Jo said...

Thanks Beth, I thought I'd see some backlash for suggesting it.

It's not as much that they don't have anything new to select from....there are many times that I go for long dry spells without being able to create anything....it's just that I'm finding more and more websites keeping every item that they ever had for sale, up for sale, even if it's sold. I'm fine with leaving a few special pieces up or ones that you consider "staples" on your site to show what you have done or available most of the time, but to have 30 products for sale with 27 of them sold (and for some time) is frustrating as a customer.

I always keep my coverlets shown even if sold out, only because they are so popular and I always have a batch on order from the weavers, only because it generates interest, special orders and works well for me.

Thanks again!

Karen said...

I tend to get out of the site quickly as well. It's very frustrating to say the least.
But again, it's great people are selling.
I click on the NOT SHOW button and that helps eleminate this problem and if and when I get some more I click it back on....


JeanM said...

I have had this happen alot also. I get excited over an item only to find that it is SOLD. Maybe they can put them in a special section marked as such. Then maybe they can use that section to encourage people to signup for emails so next time they don't miss those great items.
I too tend to close the shops page when I see so many sold items.