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Monday, March 9, 2009

Making my first dress....

A few of you know that I dress pretty plain. I enjoy wearing skirts and simple shirts or blouses, but I especially love my handmade dresses.

I have purchased a few cape dresses on ebay, and I love to purchase handmade dresses from taylorsscarletthread.com. I pick out my style, send in the measurements, they send an email with fabric selections, I spend days trying to decide on a simple pattern, and in a few weeks..POOF..I have a new dress made just for me!

I really wanted to try to make my own dress. I purchased several patterns from Joanns, and a few from online modest shoppes. I've decided to try to make one from Common Sense Patterns, who specialize in modest dresses.

Now I know why I make dolls, and not life-size dresses!

Three hours into the project, I almost have my bodice complete. Yes, it took me that long! Wow, it's been a long time (since 7th grade Home-Economics) since I made something from a life-size pattern! I'm exhausted.

So, here I sit, thinking of the bonnets, dolls, make-do's I could have made in the three hours today, and the 5 hours (more or less) left to finish the dress. If I spent $40 on a handmade dress from the Taylors, I could have profited more by using my time to make primitives! LOL!

I will finish this dress, and hopefully, it will be nice enough to wear. But I certainly will leave it up to the experts next time, I know where I stand! A dollmaker is what I was meant to be!

Many Blessings,
Mary Jo

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