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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My dress is done!

As you may have read in my previous post, I was in the midst of making my very first dress for myself, and was a bit frustrated. It was a daunting task for this doll maker, but I never gave up, and am pleased at the results!

The next day, I sat down and relaxed a bit, and began the process of adding sleeves and finishing up the bodice. When I tried it on, I was amazed that it actualy fit! This gave me the boost that was needed to keep on keepin' on!

With added confidence, I actually wizzed through the rest of the dress without many difficulties. This morning, I finished the cuff on my sleeves and the bottom hem.

The dress fits, and it's actually wearable! I will not be ashamed to wear this in public, I am quite pleased with myself!

I still ordered two new dresses from the Scarlet Thread, and have picked out my fabric selections for them. Sarah was also kind enough to offer one of her fabulous hand embroidered aprons that she had previously made, so I took advantage of that offer as well!

I now have one new dress that I made, and two more on the way for the upcoming Spring weather, and I am so happy! It feels good wearing something that you made yourself, or had someone else make with such love and care, and I always treat these garments with the special care they deserve. I feel that having only a few of these clothes is better than having a whole closet full of articles that I bought off the clearance rack "just because it was a deal". I have found that so many times, I don't even care for them, but they were 70% off, or only a few dollars at the thrift store, so I couldn't pass them up. Now, I'm beginning to feel differently. Just my two cents.

Many Blessings,
Mary Jo

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Karen said...

Hi Mary Jo - I hope we get to see the dress sometime...I know I sure would like to see it.
I used to make all my cloths when I was in high school - especially the full gathered skirts that were in style then.