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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Prayers for friends......

Here at Fine Country Primitives, our prayers go out to F/friends both near and far.

First, to our Friends in Binghamton, New York, where the tragic shooting took place at the American Civics Association. We attended Quaker Meeting at Binghamton Friends for a short time, and they are a warm and wonderful group of people. We hope that the community there can heal from this unfortunate, and unnecessary and senseless tragedy. Why these things happen, we most never know. Our family holds you and yours in the Light.

FCLP's has a customer, and a very close and dear friend, Ylenia, who lives in Italy. When I read of the earthquake in Italy, I immediately emailed Ylenia to check on her and her family. I knew that she lived a little ways away from where the earthquake occurred, but knew she had friends and relatives throughout other parts of the country and was concerned for their safety. Good news is that Ylenia and her husband, Roberto, are fine. We pray that their country also can heal from this tragic event, and I was saddened to see so many in tent cities and amongst so much devastation. Just know that we all are thinking of you my friend!

Thank you to all who have read this post and just took a moment to keep these friends in your thoughts and prayers!

Mary Jo

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Ylenia said...

Hello Mary Jo, first of all I wanted to thank you for the beautiful words you wrote on your blog and thank you all for the thoughts and prayers you have for all those who are experiencing this tragic event. The earthquake continues to be felt, continue to pull bodies from the rubble, the situation is really devastating. It hurts to see so much suffering, I feel impotent, I continue to wonder why so much evil to all those people?

Thank you very much ... Blessings Ylenia.