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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Quilt update.....

This scrappy quilt is turning out adorable! The best part is, Sammy, my youngest boy, has been watching me work on it. He asked me what I was making, and when I told him that I was making a quilt, he quickly asked, "For ME?". I said of course, for you and Seth to cuddle with on the couch! So it has turned into a quilted throw, and I'm still piecing it together with Sam, and Seth's supervision.

Another great part of this project is that the boys really want to learn to sew. Now granted, they are only 5 & 6, but Sam asked for a sewing machine for Christmas when he was 3 and Seth reminded me again today that he is still waiting for his special little boy's sewing machine. I promised them both that when they were just a little bit older, I would buy them a child's (I didn't mention 'girls') sewing machine. Why not? It wouldn't hurt for the little men to learn how to sew and mend some clothes when they were older, right? Maybe they could teach their wives a few sewing tricks someday!!!!!

Sorry, I'm just not one of those parents (and neither is Russ) that flips out over my boys liking "girly" things. When I was their age, I didn't want Barbies, I wanted baseballs and gloves, trucks and cars, and they play with MY old cars and trucks at my parents when they go to visit. Playing with mostly "boy" toys as a child didn't hurt me one bit, and I grew up to be a woman that is addicted to sewing with a love of tractors on the side! ;-)

Many Blessings,
Mary Jo

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