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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Quilting, again!

I began quilting when I became pregnant with my first son, Seth. That was seven long years ago, and my quilting career ended when he was born since the boy NEVER slept and I had no time to sew, or do much of anything except love him (and later on, my Sammy) 24/7.

I started making dolls and enjoying that for the last several years. I absolutely love sewing, and enjoy my first artistic love...painting. When making dolls, I could easily combine my two loves into one project and it's been great.

As great as doll making is, I really missed quilting. There's just something about it that I love, especially the quilting part of it which I love to do by hand. Now, before you get any wide eyed, dreamy expectations of seeing Mary Jo creating these georgeous, jaw dropping quilted works of art, let me snap you back into reality! I hate being precise. I simply dislike it! Guess what, that's a major part of quilting, so I'm not all that great at it, but I absolutely love with with all my heart, and that's what matters most to me.

I live my life by doing things as they come to me.....I allow my hands, and the Spirit, to lead me where it needs to go. A few months ago I came across a free online quilting project for a scrappy Irish chain that I just fell in love with. I read the directions, bookmarked it (without printing them out) and went on to cut hundreds and hundreds of 2 1/4" squares of all my fabric scraps from doll dresses and bonnets I've made. (Yes, I'm a packrat and have tons of scrap fabric, even after thinning my pile out months ago).

Guess what....yep, they deleted the pattern from where I had it book marked online. I spent a good two hours hunting for it, nothing! That's okay, I should've known better and printed the directions out. But that's okay, I decided that I didn't need a pattern since I really do NOT like being precise! I'm doing my own thing and allowing my hands to lead the way!

I piled all of those 2 1/4" squares into a box next to my machine. With my left hand, I grab a square of fabric and then another.....sew together with 1/4" seam and repeat, all the while creating a long chain of pieced fabric squares.

Hmmmm, now what, I asked! I made those two sewn pieces into three by adding another square. Again, sewing one after another and creating a long chain....this was moving along quite nicely!

I decided to make my own version of a scrappy nine patch simply because it's how I am going to sew the blocks together. No rhyme or reason, I just am basically sewing a postage stamp scrappy primitive leftover doll and bonnet fabric quilt. That's the name of my pattern! LOL! I'm having a ball mixing all of my colored pieces together without worrying about colors, hues, shades, patterns, whatever! Now THIS is what I call fun!

I'll try to take a picture tomorrow if I can remember to do so, but don't look too closely, because my seams may not be matched up perfectly! That's okay, it's for my (and my family's) own eyes only and to be enjoyed, not displayed in a museum! Oh, and it's primitive, so it's not supposed to be perfect and I am sooooooooo tempted to sprinkle it with cinnamon and bake it in the oven, but I won't! ;-)

Many Blessings,
Mary Jo

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