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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Who the heck am I buying from????

Have you ever asked yourself that very question when placing an order online? Quite honestly, I've given it little thought.

I received a call the other day from a lovely customer in San Antonio, TX. She wanted to place a phone order and was thrilled that I actually had a phone number to call. Again, until she mentioned this, I gave it little thought.

She just recently began shopping online and as she found websites she would like to order from, she bookmarked them as her favorites. When she decided on exactly what and where to order from, she went through them and found that hardly ANY had phone numbers to call. She quickly removed them from her favorites, and gave us a call and placed a phone order. We had a great conversation and discussed our love of primitives and our love for our families.

This is something to really consider. Just who are you buying from? I've been randomly doing Google and Yahoo searches for primitives, and found that most do not have a phone number. In fact, I found several that didn't even have an email or a Contact Us button. So what do you do if you have a question, a concern, or just wish to place a phone order?

Then another thought came to mind, there aren't any names, or where they are located. Here at Fine Country Living Primitives, we love to share our lives with our customers. Keep in mind, it's nothing grand or fancy, but we enjoy sharing where we live, the history of our home, why we love primitives, how fast our boys are growing up, and what it means to live simply.

We tell you where we are from and I sign my blog posts and emails with my REAL name. In fact, my email address for our business has my first name in it, so you always know who I am.

Until that phone call from our new customer, I never gave it a thought. So many websites don't tell you who they are, or where they are. So, who the heck are you buying from?????

Even though my life is scattered on Twitter, Facebook, my blog, my website, my brochures, and many other websites for the entire world to see, allow me to take this time to share just who I am!

I am Mary Jo Elliott, and am the proud mother of two boys, Seth and Sam. I am also the proud wife of the greatest husband and father, Russ Elliott.

We live in the little town of Springville, PA, which is located in Susquehanna County, in the Northeastern region of Pennsylvania. Our home was built in 1827 and is a great place to raise our boys, and you can read more about it on our About Me page on our website and even take a virtual tour.

My husband and I love primitives and lead a simple life. We sell what we love, and simplicity is a way of life with us. We are Quakers, dress Plain, and love our faith and our family.

We follow the business practices of early (and current) Friends and have fair prices and are honest.

If you want to know anything else, you can even call me at (570) 965-0985 and talk to a real human being! ;-)

Now YOU know just who the heck you are buying from when you shop online or in our retail store here at Fine Country Living Primitives!

Many Blessings,
Mary Jo


tjpawli said...

As someone who does buy from "strangers" online I have often wondered this.Thank you so much for providing this information,I was so pleased I just placed an order with you.Thank You,Linda from Maine

Mary Jo said...

Hi Linda, and thank you for your order and your comment! I know that many, MANY of these fine websites are legit and good businesses, and I hope that I didn't come across as putting fear into people from buying online. It's just that I wanted to point out that it's a good thing to consider when placing orders online....just be aware and make informed choices!

And in return, I think that if these businesses expect you, the customer, to trust them with your financial information and business, then they should, in turn, trust YOU with their name, location and maybe even a phone number! Just a thought.....

Mary Jo