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Saturday, September 12, 2009

We don't just sell it, we live it!

I've had these thoughts swirling around in my head and just needed to share.

As many of you know, it states on our website that Simplicity is a way of life, not a trend. That's so true! We really do live this lifestyle, and we really do have a passion for Early American, Country, Colonial, and Primitive Home Decor.

Yesterday we had a mother and daughter stop into the shoppe, and was pleased to find out that they used to own our house about 35 years ago! What a special treat it was, and we invited them into the house to take a look at what's changed and pick their brain for many mysteries of "what used to be there, how did this look, is this how it was when you owned it, etc.". I bet they never expected it to turn into an inquisition! LOL! But I think they enjoyed it.

They commented that our house is just like our shoppe, REALLY primitive! And it's so true. We have our shoppe decorated and merchandise displayed like it would be in your own home. So many customers have said time and time again that they get great ideas this way, and many "never would have thought of that!"

Our online shoppe is the same way. We invite you into our home, our hearts and our lives. Our products are hand chosen, and I don't buy things "just because they will sell", I only bring in items that I would personally enjoy in my very own home. And I make sure that they are items that we all can afford....no crazy mark-ups will be found at Fine Country Living Primitives....only fair prices (and no mysteriously increased prices before sales, none of that here)!

Now, we all know that anyone can just open a storefront or start a website and start selling primitives or whatnot just because it sells. I've heard people do that, I've seen people do that. But you can always read between the lines and truly find those of us who have an actual passion for primitives, for things that are time worn and well loved. I have many online networks that I stroll through and so many of my dear friends online live, eat, sleep, breathe, primitives! You can just tell, you can hear it in their product descriptions and they aren't just canned phrases. You hear the excitement as they describe their latest creation or newfound treasure and brag about it like it was their own flesh and blood. THAT is what it's all about, friends! Truly inspiring primitive lovers who bring their love and passion for primitives to their stores or websites to share with others. It's always about spreading the love, not always about making the money.

So, next time you are websurfing or window shopping, or out to find that new, one of a kind piece that you just can't live without, take a look around. Listen to their voice. Ask questions and listen to the answers. Read the descriptions and between the lines....can you hear that love, that passion? Or are they just jumping on the bandwagon because they think they can make a few bucks selling things online. You can tell, you can always tell, the true primitive lover!

Many Blessings,
Mary Jo

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