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Saturday, January 30, 2010

A new challenge....cyber school....

We're taking a big step in our house and have enrolled our oldest son, 7 year old Seth who is in first grade, in cyber school.

This is something that we've considered long before he, or our youngest son, Sam, started preschool. The research was complete, I liked what I saw, but wanted to try public school first.

Even though Seth was excelling in his academics in school (and Sam as well), it just wasn't the right fit for him. We were so very fortunate to have two wonderful teachers at his school for his first two years in public school and they worked so well with us. Even so, the decision had to be made....Seth just wasn't happy there and in the next years, we may not have the guidance and understanding of teachers as special as his Kindergarten and First Grade teachers were.

This is also a life lesson for our son. We are in control of our own happiness, our own destiny. It is not up to teachers, schools, family members, society or anyone or anything else. It is up to us. His guidance counselor at school gave him a very good piece of advice last year...."You are the boss of you". This is an important lesson for us all.

We have the power, and we should execute our power. In our everyday lives, we have control over what makes us happy. My favorite quote is a sign in our sitting room, "Be the change you wish to see in the world". We are doing just that. We want to change the world (well, some aspects of it) and why not start with ourselves.

Seth has affectionately called his new cyber school the Springville School District and grinned from ear to ear showing off what his Kindertarten teacher, Mrs. Cooley, used to call his "talking marks", or what we know as his dimples. This made him happy, this change that began within our own selves, our own family, under our control.

It may not be easy, but it may not be hard either. I'm looking forward to having a direct part in his education, and if all goes well, Sam's as well starting next year. See, Sam was also fortunate in having a wonderful teacher, Mrs. Cooley, the same Kindergarten teacher Seth had last year and he's not quite ready to leave her just yet. But next year he said he'll be ready to start at home and looks forward to having school right next to his brother Seth.

This is a challenge for us, but a challenge we are ready to accept. A few have mentioned about me missing out on the free time while the boys are at public school, but I don't think of it that way. I want my boys to get an education, not have a baby sitter. And besides, if the boys aren't happy, Mama ain't happy either, and we all know how it is if Mama ain't happy..... Anyhow, I'll gladly sacrifice a few short hours of quiet time each day to devote to my children. It's my job, it's my life, and it's what I love to do.

Say a prayer for us...for patience, for guidance along the way, and for us to all have some great fun and make great memories together!

Many Blessings,
Mary Jo

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