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Friday, February 19, 2010

Hand Piece Quilting....

I just need to make something, I have that itch!

I'll be honest. I used to make so many handcrafted folk art pieces....dolls, bonnets, etc., but haven't these last few months. We closed our retail shoppe for the Winter and I had grand ideas of accomplishing so much during these months off.

So, what have I made? Nada, nothing! I've finished my son's scrappy quilt, but that's all. Not one doll, not a single bonnet. I'd love to, but time...well, it's not on my side.

Our online business has doubled this past year (thank you all!) and continues to grow. In fact, January was our best month ever! Packing orders and shopping for more primitive wares takes a lot of time and effort, especially when I had to revamp my whole shipping process and find alternatives to USPS Priority Mail thanks to their huge rate increases.

We also began homeschooling our oldest, Seth, through Agora Cyber Charter School and it's a success! We love it, but again....time is not on my side.

I'd love to start another quilt and have decided that I MUST make time for this. I'm craving to be creative again, but not in the mood for dolls. I have so much glorious fabric and decided that I will hand piece my next quilt. Something new, and something portable so I can work on it while waiting for my son during the Agora Days Out programs through cyber school or while sitting in the living room with the family. That's the hardest part about my love of sewing....being stuck in my craft room isolated with my machine.

Another time killer for me is deciding what type of quilt to create. I've decided to do a sampler so I don't have to decide! Inspired by a recent reading of two books concerning the Underground Railroad and quilts used as signals, I'm thinking of making blocks representing those signals. We'll see, I'm still in the planning stage! It will be in primitive colors of course, I love browns, burgundy, mustard and touches of olive green and blues. Warm and inviting colors are what appeal to me the most. I also love vintage feed sack fabrics, but that's another subject altogether.

Many Blessings,
Mary Jo

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Cinlyn said...

You must be talking about the Elm Creek Quilters series of books! LOVE them! Definitely inspires a person to quilt!